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Olympia Fitness + Performance is a state of the art training facility in Cranston RI that employs a highly qualified staff of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainers. We have worked with athletes and professionals of all ability levels and walks of life, and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals. So what are you waiting for? Regardless of your current level of fitness, the time to start is now!

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As many of you know, I will be leaving The Way and beginning a new chapter in my life and career. It’s absolutely a bittersweet feeling. I’m 100% confident it is the right decision for myself and for my career, but that certainly doesn’t make saying goodbye to a place that has become a home, and people that have become family, any easier. When I look back on the last five years of my life, all of which I’ve spent working towards becoming the best Strength Coach that I could

Rory McIlroy has repeatedly made it known that he loves lifting weights and is proud of his accomplishments in the weight room, as he should be. Despite his career success and the fact that he attributes his power to his workouts, he has come under fire a few times for his off the course training regimen. The most recent example was when Brandel Chamblee commented that he should be ‘wary” of ending up like Tiger Woods. If Rory needs to give up anything to avoid ending up like Tiger, it’s golf, not lifting, and Rory made mention

It's that time of year again. The gym is packed with people that you haven't seen since last January and won't see again after February 1st. All of the cardio machines have lines behind them and the benches are surrounded by groups of five. So what do you do? Well now may be the best time to work on some things that you don't do nearly enough of (and don't worry, you won't likely run in to lines of newbies waiting to do these exercises). Pull-ups A personal favorite of mine. While

As Read in RI Fit Magazine, Pages 34-35 With the first snow of the year and winter finally showing up today, I figured now would be an appropriate time to address the most common of winter sports, and what we all do wrong in preparation for it. Many people make the mistake of waiting until the week before they go skiing (or snowboarding) to start training for it, or don't train for it at all, and end up paying for it the first few days on the slopes with unbearable leg

In this day and age of instant gratification -- fast food, fast cars, getting pissed at the internet taking more than 5 seconds to load Facebook -- we tend to be impatient with our goals and not realize how far we've progressed on our journeys, whatever they may be. In the fitness industry, I see a ton of clients who work their butts off for 75% of the year, but come the Summer, vacation awaits! I'm going to tell you how to keep up with your workouts, even when you

Train for performance, and the aesthetics will come. When I was still green in the strength and conditioning world, one of my co-workers said something to a client who was concerned with the way that they looked and wanted to improve their overall physique. He said to them "train for performance and the aesthetics will come". Train for performance… at the time, to me that meant train for sports performance because I had my blinders on and there was only one way to train. If you think about it that made