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Soccer is a game of performing short bursts of high effort sprints and changes of direction over 90 or more minutes. Because of the nature of the sport, lately I’ve seen a lot of social media posts and players emphasizing only training as such, doing repeated short distance sprints or different types of shuttle runs. Although this will still help players, they’re missing out on a giant component of their match fitness, aerobic fitness!   Aerobic fitness is simply a players ability to use oxygen to create energy to sustain the activity

“Is my child too young to start working out”? This is a question that parents often ask. Many people see the opportunity for their child to improve athletically with strength training, but wonder if they will be doing more harm than good. This is a legitimate concern because the last thing that any parent wants is to cause harm to their child, especially if the intention was good. The research tells us a different story though, one that says that we’re actually helping prevent future injury by getting kids involved

Whether you are a casual golfer or a professional, we all have our pre-round routine. Some of us like to get to the course early to practice on the putting green, and some of us are running to the first hole as our tee time is starting. What we don’t often think about is what we are doing, or not doing, before our round and how it is affecting our play. How many of us are actually stretching before we tee off? Most golfers get a few practice swings in

If you’re an athlete or an active person over the age of 30, you’ve had enough years to understand that life is a series of ups and downs, and to explore different activities that bring you happiness and a sense of fulfillment. But for a dedicated teenage competitor, a serious injury such as an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear can be devastating because their identity, sense of self-value, and dreams about their future are often tied to success in a given sport. And, the younger they are, the harder it is

Coaching speed is something I became very passionate about because I believe that speed is the foundation of athleticism.  Whether you are a multi-directional sport athlete or a track athlete, fine-tuning your running mechanics will significantly improve your overall athleticism.  Thinking back, I can’t recall any of my gym teachers or coaches taking the time to teach running mechanics.  Maybe the same is true for you.  It was always just “GO GO GO” without any concrete teaching.  If the performance was unsatisfactory in their eyes, they would just yell “run

The road back from an injury is often long and filled with a lot of ups and downs. There are weeks that we feel like we’re on the right track and will be better than before. Along with those weeks, there are also some where we feel as if we’ll never be back to doing what we love. Weeks can be unpredictable at times and it’s both mentally and physically draining. In those dark and hard times our mental toughness will be tested and we need the right mentality. That

Strength and conditioning is no longer the property of top tier professional and D1 athletes. Each year the understanding of how important it is to the development of young athletes becomes more common knowledge. Many high school programs even have their own strength and conditioning coaches to help get the most out of their athletes and keep them safe on the field. So since its common knowledge then every young athlete must already be doing it right?   When our athletes go off to play sports in college, we’re always amazed to

We have all heard of the importance of a balanced diet, but what does that actually mean? Many of us tend to take the easy route when deciding what our next meal is. Whether that’s choosing something quick like take out, or throwing something into the microwave, sometimes we choose convenience over nutritional value.  Poor nutrition and an unbalanced diet can affect our overall health and well being, our sleep, and lead to complications like heart disease and diabetes. Understanding the basics of nutrition is the first step you need

Once upon a time, a buck, drinking from a crystal spring, saw himself mirrored in the clear water. He greatly admired the graceful arch of his antlers, but he was very much ashamed of his tiny hooves. At that moment he sensed a predator and bounded away through the forest. As he ran, his wide-spreading antlers caught in the branches of the trees, and soon the predator overtook him. Then the buck realized that his feet would have saved him had it not been for the ornaments on his head. Similar to

            When you hear the words “heavy lifting,” golf probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  Have you noticed however that many professional golfers today, like Bryson DeChambeau, have a strong athletic build?  Many PGA golfers incorporate heavy weightlifting into their golf training because there is substantial carryover to performance.  For instance, because the average PGA backswing lasts around 0.75 seconds and the downswing is roughly 0.25 seconds, the amount of power PGA golfers are capable of generating in one second is incredible and does not happen by