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Olympia Fitness + Performance is a state of the art training facility in Cranston RI that employs a highly qualified staff of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainers. We have worked with athletes and professionals of all ability levels and walks of life, and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals. So what are you waiting for? Regardless of your current level of fitness, the time to start is now!

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When you ask for advice on training to improve your golf game, you’ll probably hear responses about rotational power, hip mobility, and core strength. While all of these aspects of training are important, you can’t forget about the two structures that support you through all 18 holes: your feet! Your feet are your foundation for balance and power. If they don’t support you properly, it doesn’t matter how much mobility, strength, or power you have, you have failed to create a strong connection with the ground. This results in a loss

It’s one of the most eye-popping aspects of high-level athletics. When you see it, you can’t help but be in awe of it. It’s what separates athletes as they move from one level to the next, and while it’s usually seen as something that can’t be taught, it can still always be improved. I’m talking about speed.   When we watch professional sports, one of the things that draws us in is the explosiveness of the plays. Even within the highest level of sports, you can see how the quickest and fastest

I’m very excited to have sat down with Dr. Ross Levine this week to discuss Osgood Schlatter’s Disease (OSD) because we have both worked with many clients with OSD.  This condition presents a bit of a challenge for those who have it and live an active lifestyle, so we wanted to share some strategies for handling it with care.   Check out the video here -   When young athletes are experiencing knee pain it can be very scary for both the athlete and the parents, and they may be unsure of how to

When I think of athletes, I think of the most powerful people in the world. From gymnasts launching themselves through the air, track stars running 100 meters under 11 seconds, or even a goal kick from a goalie in soccer, the amount of force top athletes can generate is extraordinary. Aspiring athletes who want to be any where near world class need the right training to do so and the right training includes power exercises/movements.   In this blog post I want to give coaches/athletes ideas and exercises , that use little