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Sports Performance

This is our flagship program which all of the training concepts used at Olympia Fitness + Performance are based on. SPT is a 12-week small-group training program for athletes of all ages and ability levels who want to increase their overall performance and athletic ability. This program is designed not only to make our athletes stronger, faster, more powerful and injury free, but also to teach them the fundamentals of exercise and weight room safety. Each athlete is given a personalized program and is tested every 12 weeks to measure progress in speed, strength and agility.

Package Total Price Cost Per Session Monthly Plan
Platinum Package (Unlimited) $900 Unlimited Sessions $300/Month
Gold Package (3x/Week)
$720 $20 (36 Sessions) $240/Month
Silver Package (2x/Week)
$600 $25 (24 Sessions) $200/Month
Bronze Package (1x/Week)
$360 $30 (12 Sessions) $120/Month

*We offer a 20% police/fire/military discount on all group training!

**Sessions expire if not used within 12-weeks of the start of the program.

***Installment Plan is a 3-month contract requiring an automatic monthly payment.

Team Training

Build camaraderie and improve performance at the same time! Our Team Training concept allows you to work out together, giving everyone the opportunity to help each other improve. Workouts are sport specific and focus on building faster, stronger, healthier athletes. Programs can include combine-style testing to monitor progress as well as provide motivation within the group. This service is reserved for groups of at least 10 individuals. Rates vary depending on the size of the group and frequency of training.

The More I Train,

The Quicker I Get

The Quicker I get,

The Slower They Seem

The Slower They Seem,

The Easier The Game

The Easier The Game,

The Greater My Threat

The Greater My Threat,

The More Attention I Draw

The More Attention I Draw,

The Tighter They Play Me

The Tighter They Play Me,

The More I Train.