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Personal Training

Personal Training

If you prefer to work out on your own or with a select group of friends, consider our personal training packages. We offer personal training packages in both hour and half hour sessions and can accommodate as many people as you want to include in your private group. Whether you want the one-on-one attention or you want to work out with all of your friends we can accommodate your needs. Personal training ensures you the same coach every workout and the time slot that works best for you, as well as the extra emphasis on your specific fitness goals.

Introductory Offer:
First 1-Hour Personal Training Session for only $30!!!

Post Rehab Training

1-on-1 training to take you from physical therapy back to your field of play, whether it be on a field or in an office building. When you get injured, physical therapy is a great way to bring yourself back to being functional. Let us bring you beyond functional, and back to what you used to be with our post-rehab training program.


30 Minute Sessions 60 Minute Sessions
Price Cost/Session Price Cost/Session
1x/Week (4 Sessions/Month) $240/Month $60 $360/Month $90
2x/Week (8 Sessions/Month) $440/Month $55 $640/Month $80
3x/Week (12 Sessions/Month) $600/Month $50 $840/Month $70
Group (price per person)

1x/Week (4 Sessions/Month) $140/Month $35 $200/Month $50
2x/Week (8 Sessions/Month) $240/Month $30 $360/Month $45
3x/Week (12 Sessions/Month) $330/Month $27.50 $480/Month $40

All of our personal training is billed on a monthly basis because we want you to get results, and the best way to achieve those results is consistency! Regardless of what you do for your workouts, if you're not consistent then you won't achieve your goals. This is just another part of our goals oriented system designed to help you achieve your ideal level of fitness! Call today for a free consultation and tour of our facility!