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The Daily Lift - Saturday 7/15/17

The Daily Lift - Saturday 7/15/17

All workouts should be preceded by a proper dynamic warmup. If you haven't done a dynamic warmup before check out this one on our youtube channel!

Superset 1

3 Sets; Rest as Needed

Barbell Lateral Step Up x8E

Chin Ups xAMRAP

Superset 2

3 Sets; Rest as Needed

Single Leg Contraleteral Dumbbell RDL x10E

Dumbbell Push-up Row x6E

Core Circuit

3 Sets; As Little Rest as Possible

Stability Ball Plank x:30 Sec

Side Plank x:30 Sec E

Single Leg Glute Bridge x:15 Sec E

*The Daily Lift is a general fitness program that is designed to increase power, strength, and cardiovascular fitness, but not every exercise is appropriate for everyone. If you do not know the proper form for an exercise or do not think that you should be doing an exercise you should seek professional advice to avoid risking injury. Always be sure to consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

Steve Zarriello July 15, 2017 The Daily Lift