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My Farewell Posted by Eric Fish on March 14, 2016

My Farewell
As many of you know, I will be leaving The Way and beginning a new chapter in my life and career. It’s absolutely a bittersweet feeling. I’m 100% confident it is the right decision for myself and for my career, but that certainly doesn’t make saying goodbye to a place that has become a home, and people that have become family, any...

What is Golf Fitness and why has it become so popular? Posted by Steve Zarriello on May 4, 2016

First Published in The Alpiner The sport of golf has been revolutionized, and not by a new development in equipment, but by a new understanding of how bettering one’s body can actually improve their swing. The old belief was that lifting weights would “ruin your swing”, however the constantly advancing fields of exercise science a...

How Physical Therapy Can Help You Run Marathons Posted by Steve Zarriello on November 15, 2016

How Physical Therapy Can Help You Run Marathons
About the Author:Today's blog post is a guest post from Amanda Smith, DPT, from Specialized Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Warwick, RI. Amanda has been a Physical Therapist at SOPT since 2013 after receiving her Doctorate in PT from Sacred Heart University. Before attending Sacred Heart, she received her Bachelor's Degree from The University of Rho...

Functional Fitness: What does that mean? Posted by Steve Zarriello on January 2, 2017

Functional Fitness: What does that mean?
Today's guest post is from Michelle Gauvin. Michelle has been running her massage therapy business out of The Way HPI since it first opened in 2011, and in that same time has worked out with our trainers consistently. Michelle is not only an exercise enthusiast, but also leads a very activity-based lifestyle which includes hobbies like volleyball, ...

Why Your Weight Lifting PR Sucks Posted by Steve Zarriello on January 29, 2017

Why Your Weight Lifting PR Sucks
I don't Social Media often, but when I do, I remember why I hate it. It's because of your PR. Everyone who is on social media has seen someone (either someone they know, or a celebrity) posting about a PR that they set, along with a disastrous video or photo of them doing it. That video is usually accompanied by a caption that says something along ...

My Story—the Lowlight Reel Posted by Maura Zimmer on February 27, 2017

My Story—the Lowlight Reel
My Story - the Lowlight Reel From time to time when I'm training at the gym, someone will say to me "Oh that's so easy for you." I appreciate the compliment, but in my head I think "If only you could see all of the failures, and all the repetition behind this." I grew up skating on outdoor ice. My parents hired a bulldozer when ...

The Fitness Hat Trick Posted by Michelle Gauvin on April 6, 2017

The Fitness Hat Trick
Members at our gym are truly fortunate, not just because they workout in a super cool facility being trained by professional, highly educated and certified trainers, but also because they benefit from the collaboration of two other excellent professional resources; Specialized Orthopedics Physical Therapy and Power of Touch Sports Massage. If under...

Lateral Band Walks Posted by Steve Zarriello on April 30, 2017

Lateral band walks are one of the most common exercises used with our personal training clients to work on hip stability. Check out this video on the different variations that our trainers use and how to perform the exercise properly.

Knee Hug Elevated Hip Extensions Posted by Steve Zarriello on April 30, 2017

Knee Hug Elevated Hip Extensions are a great glute exercise that our personal trainers use to build posterior chain strength and help stretch the hip flexors.

Inverted Rows Posted by Steve Zarriello on April 30, 2017

Can't do pull-ups? Try inverted rows! Our training staff uses different variations of this exercise to work on strength in the postural muscles of the back. We also use it as a lighter intensity option for those personal training clients who can't do full pull-ups, yet.