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3-Position Dumbbell Shoulder Raise

If you want to increase muscle size, you need to increase your training volume. There are many ways to do that for your shoulders, but I particularly like this one because when it's done correctly it not only helps with the gainz, but it does so without putting excessive strain on the rotator cuff and labrum and actually helps to stabilize the shoulders... and make gainz. Check out the video below and try this one on your own sometime. If you really want to crush upper body try supersetting it with something like an inverted row or another pulling variation. If you're looking for more of a full body beatdown or conditioning effect, superset it with a high rep lunge variation.


-Always start with the bent-over lateral raise and finish with the front raise.

-Keep your back straight and a neutral cervical spine posture (keep your back tight and make a double chin).

-Keep your elbows locked and abs tight, if you need to bend your elbows or swing your hips the weight's too heavy.

-When doing the bent-over raise, lift your arms by squeezing your shoulder blades together, then let them roll forward on the way down.

RI Web Gurus August 2, 2018 General Fitness, Quick Tips, Instructional Videos