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Olympia Fitness Testimonials

In my profession, core strength and flexibility are extremely important and before I started working with Steve, I would struggle to keep up with my fellow competitors in terms of carry and distance. Now, after less than two years of work concentrating on what is critical to creating more power efficiently, the results speak for themselves. I have gained almost 15 yards of additional carry on tee shots which allows me to hit par fives in two and shorter irons to par 3s and 4s. My club head speed has increased by almost four miles per hour which is what has create the added distance and allows me to produce better results with less effort. Just working with Steve has provided me with increased confidence in how my body works and what I have to do to continue moving to the next level. Steve shares his knowledge with me in each session and he has become an expert in the TPI training method which has been the key to my recent success. I am very excited to see what the next year brings as we continue working together both in the gym and remotely.

Jonathan Pannone

Professional Golfer

Steve Zarriello and the staff at Olympia Fitness do an outstanding job working with athletes of all ages to be the best they can be. I have worked with them over the last several years as a high school coach. Steve and his staff have done an unbelievable job preparing my athletes to compete at the highest level. The building of indicvidual programs for each athlete is a crucial element to each athlete working on the parts of their physical development that requires the most attention. Steve's ability to have the kids understand the benefit of each component of their program also allows each individual to engage, commit, and be accountable to their training plan. I see it now in my own son, after just a few months at Olympia he is making great strides in his physical development in both strength and explosiveness. I highly recommend Olympia Fitness and Performance to any young athlete looking for a strength building program.

Rick Angeli

Head Coach - Hendricken Golf

Olympia Fitness and Performance has made a huge positive impact in my life and athletic abilities. When I started with them, I was succeeding in my sport but compensating for weakness due to an injury. I was a few months out from having surgery, and had lost a lot of strength. Through personal training with Steve before surgery, I gained strength and stability that set me up to be as prepared as possible for recovery.
After surgery, training with Steve was unquestionably a huge key in my recovery. When I came back to the gym, I could hardly walk normally, let alone feel like I was "working out." Steve was understanding of my weaknesses, and is excellent at working through injury or rehab with consideration of limitations, yet creating significant results and improvement. My doctors and therapists at HSS continue to be complimentary of how strong I've recovered, and it's in large part thanks to training at Olympia. I returned to play faster than anticipated, have felt strong, and have valued the work Steve has continually put in when I do find weaknesses to help me address them.
The programs at Olympia are top noth, and I am unquestionably a stronger and better athlete because of them. The trainers are well-educated, experienced, and kind. The facility is immaculate, and the quality of the Olympia experience is unmatched in Rhode Island.

Caroline Calhoun

Olympia Fitness and Performance has done a great job preparing our football players during the season and offseason to get them ready for game each week and helping them reach their maximum potential. Steve and Mike do an outstanding job working with student-athletes. Not only have they helped our players but they have also helped me work to improve my fitness goals.

Tom Centore

Head Football Coach - Cranston East

I was referred to Olympia Fitness by several friends who have attended in preparation for the Police Academy. Let me say, in under two months of attending, I've noticed a huge difference in my athletic performance. Not only are the trainers extremely knowledgable and professional, they care about their clients and their goals. No workout is ever the same at Olympia, they find new ways to challenge and improve your performance every day. The moderate class sizes allow for personalized experience with the trainers. I leave feeling a sense of reward and accomplishment after every class. We all have a story and goal at Olympia. Thank you fro helping me take a step closer to mine.

Frank Matarese

I am a 67-year-old, 14 handicap golfer who was starting to see his performance and distance fading, particularly in the back nine. I began the Golf Performance program last November, and was immediately amazed at some of the balance and flexibility restrictions I was experiencing which were brought out during the “pre-test" process. After one complete session, involving 1 ½ hours twice a week for eight weeks, I actually gained at least 20-30 more yards on my drives and one club advantage on my irons. Best of all, my balance and stability over the ball was evident in the much more controlled and accurate shots I was making, particularly when facing uneven stances or severe off-balance sand or bunker shots. I use a modified, condensed version of the initial golf performance stretching exercises designed specifically for the golf swing during pre-golf warm-ups, and it provides me with flexibility and fluidity right off the first tee. I recently signed up for another session and intend on incorporating this program into my overall golf game. Happy days are here again on the course!

Anthony Ventetuolo Jr.

Training and Fitness are very important aspects not only in my personal life as well as my profession as a fire fighter on the Special Hazards but also as a CPR Instructor. In all my years of training, Olympia Fitness and Performance is not only a great environment with challenging workouts but also has great people participating with you in the classes. Steve and his team of trainers provide positive motivation to ensure your continued success to be at your best. Anyone who is looking for vigorous and challenging workout that is always changing to constantly keep you in the best shape I would highly recommend to all.

Jason Waterman

Steve, I am indebted to your TPI training program for allowing me to play some of the best golf of my life last summer. I ended the season winning two major tournaments, had a hole in one, and a 3 handicap that I consistently played to. The program focused on the areas of my swing where I was physically unable to execute the motion. I've never felt so limber. I used your warm up exercises before I would play and I didn't need 9 holes to start hitting the ball. Dramatically changed my first tee outlook!
I've made TPI my off course golf conditioning program. I did two 16 session programs last year and I'm on track to do 2 more this year.
Can't thank you enough for creating a personalized exercise program that conditions my not too flexible body to be able to make the correct swing that is reliable and repeatable.
See you at the gym,

Michael Gooding